About Us

AFLO ltd. is one of the leading Iraqi companies in supplying Scientific, Laboratory and Analytical equipments . We also supply a special instruments for oil laboratory, in addition to our major activity in supplying radioactive researches laboratories and the Dismantling and Decontamination (D&D) projects.
With the progressive and innovative approaches of business market , our company has experienced rapid expansion and prosperity in the different domains of trade and marketing.
Another point which differentiates AFLO from other Iraqi companies is the increased awareness of environmental protection and its importance in this country and the rest of the world. Our company promotes with a constant way the preservation of the environment and the ways to practice environmental precaution. This helped us to prove our commitment for the country’s growth and as a result , we began to receive more services, which they are began to be provided.
Over the years, AFLO maintained on its continuous coverage of the interrelated fields; the developed countries which are experiencing an increasing need of equipment, spare parts, consumer goods for it's specified sectors which has been added to AFLO. A reputation as a accredited supplier for material, equipment in addition to the services that are provided by engineers and well-qualified specialists in scientific fields.
AFLO was established to cover business in Iraq and to enhance the ability to serve our customer needs in Iraq. AFLO also has a strong and well established associations in the Middle East Region including affiliates in Iraq. Due to this solid network, our company became able to a promote the business interests of the many international manufactures and contractors with whom we work.
Gradually the company’s business has expanded and distributed into several different divisions based on various activities which are mainly focused on the representation of foreign companies, the development of projects, the supply of engineering equipment including after-sales support and specialized services.

In addition to our close monitoring of the changes in the market, AFLO has always the knowledge that its success varies directly with its employee performance. We pride ourselves with the professionalism and the high quality output that is maintained by all our employees, to ensure steady growth and success.
Apart of our company future plans is to setup more service facilities to enable lab equipments servicing within the Iraq which will be of utmost convenience for our clients and business partners. Furthermore, AFLO is involved in private scientific industrial projects to advance industrial developments of its joint ventures as well as companies it represents. In the past our company was only dealing with bringing technology to its clients but now it is focusing on diversity, expansion and exploration of new fields and businesses, in the aim of making AFLO an added value to the country.