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Our services


An installation of the instrument/device is made by a professional qualified engineers . Our staff are well trained to assure the perfect installation and training of the user/s, AFLO offers a complete installation services by those of high experience trained engineer.


Before shipping the equipments, usually most of them are calibrated, the calibration documentation comes with the unit for locally calibration purposes . Sometimes we need to re-calibrate some equipments , this can be done by only a experience and qualified engineers by depending on the calibration menu in the standard firm-ware which is protected by password.

Training courses:

AFLO has the ability to establish training courses for all supplying instruments in bond and out bond depending on the customer’s desire.


For long life time of the units, manufacturers recommend a regular maintenance. Some equipments of new version generation are equipped with a Service Interval Display which reminds the user about each time/period of a recommended maintenance needed.


AFLO usually gives one year warranty for several instruments.